floral tapestries wall hangings

All my Floral tapestry selection is really a gorgeous choice of numerous Floral tapestry art from China. our factory make an effort to provide your attractive tapestry into the house with our European floral tapestry wall hangings collection. Our European floral tapestry wall hangings are modern tapestries designs with lovely flower designs produced by our chinese masterweaver.

Since antiquity people have used flowers to help express their feelings, to observe rituals, or to enhance their surroundings. The important role enjoyed by flowers in many different cultures has made its way into art, both as a decorative element and as a central motif. The prominence of floral art is also reflected in tapestry wall hangings, and our many works demonstrate the elegance of a floral tapestry.

Our selection boasts an impressive array of variations on this theme and includes flower bouquets, garlands, wreaths, floral still life art and flower tapestries.

Product Terms:
Name:anthentic handmade tapestry
Material: 100% NewZealand Wool
Foundation: cotton
Pile: Handwoven flat pile
Kpsi: 100 knots per square inch

Buying Progress Terms:
1.Select your design & send us by mailto:customtapestries@gmail.com
2.Make the payment
3.Wait for the items to reach you

Our factroy:
1.check stock status for you
2.Ship within 3 days upon payment
3.Email you the shipping information,Track daily together

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This floral tapestry wall hanging includes an autumn bouquet of flowers along with harvest vegetables and fruits. The floral tapestries give a awesome accent to any kind of decoration in addition to the selection of patterns and colors, will enhance almost all floral decor. Enhance your home with a floral tapestry.

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