Jacquard Tapestries

Jacquard Tapestries

 All kinds of threads like cotton, silk, wool and the more richer gold and silver interwoven together to make the exclusive ornamental piece of cloth called Jacquard Tapestries often telling a lovely story. These are definitely highly decorated and exclusively rare pieces conjuring up very romantic images in our mind The manner of weaving a tapestry is unique and thus very different from those of a carpet A unique textile –art drawing its inspiration from varied cultures all over the world, the Jacquard Tapestries cannot be said to be culture specific.

The main use of the Jacquard Tapestries have always been to adorn important places like the castles of the kings and queens, churches and cathedrals, homes of affluent nobles Being associated with the higher stratum of the society Jacquard Tapestries was considered a luxury and extravagant item. An exquisite piece of art work frozen in time, the Jacquard Tapestries are woven by efficient artisans and craftsman depicting lovely and important pieces of history and narrating a charming story.

Product Terms:
Name:anthentic handmade tapestry
Material: 100% NewZealand Wool
Foundation: cotton
Pile: Handwoven flat pile
Kpsi: 100 knots per square inch

Buying Progress Terms:
1.Select your design & send us by mailto:customtapestries@gmail.com
2.Make the payment
3.Wait for the items to reach you

Our factroy:
1.check stock status for you
2.Ship within 3 days upon payment
3.Email you the shipping information,Track daily together

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How the original Jacquard Tapestries were woven remains an enigma and many hypotheses have been set up regarding it, though none seems satisfactory! Many believe that the Jacquard Tapestries were use to decorate the house of the lords and thus were woven in peaceful seclusion of the monasteries..  The universal language of art is understood by all and thus where the Jacquard Tapestries originated are not much relevant.They were used differently, serving different uses from providing insulation in the winters to cover doorways and to provide privacy in bedrooms.

 Unique and timeless pieces of renaissance art, the Jacquard Tapestries were often created under the  of the aristocrats’ especially under King Charles V and his three brothers all deserve special mention as it was under their noble patronage immortal pieces like Apocalypse Jacquard Tapestries, ‘Tapisseries de l’Apocalypse’ were created. The most common subject matters in the earlier Jacquard Tapestries were the Biblical stories and the historical happenings, though a wide variations were always found.  Ancient ruins, castles, forests scenes and sculpted archways along with scenery and lovely landscapes were the favorite choices.

 It all depends on the skills of the artisan who makes the Jacquard Tapestries with special richness and depth and makes it bright irrespective of the contemporary or traditional theme.Today Jacquard Tapestries are no longer related to the kings or nobles, but you can savor these unique creations in own home just over the fireplace while enjoying a cup of steaming coffee in the winter months.

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