Sticky mat knowledge introduction

作者:那些花儿Sticky mat is clean room one of daily type consumables. Sticky mat can effectively prevent the pollutants due to the flow of personnel and particle and into a strict working environment, keep working environment clean. Main posted on cleanrooms entrance or buffer rooms, it can effectively capture ice remove sole, heel (or wheel) of the dust pollution, minimize dust to purify environment, so as to achieve the influence on the quality of the dust effect, simple solves the others mat dusting is not complete, but cannot guarantee dust non-proliferation problem. Material: sticky mat is hdpe material and high-grade water-soluble adhesive through special process manufacturing and into, each layer with high viscosity coatings. Polyethylene odurless, non-toxic, feel like wax, good low temperature resistance performance (minimum using temperature can reach – 70 ℃ ~ 100, good stability), chemistry can most acid-base erosion (not resistant to have oxidative acid), under normal temperature insoluble in general solvent, water imbibition small, electric insulation good performance; But for environmental stress (chemical polyethylene with mechanical function) is very sensitive, heat ageing sex differences. Polyethylene properties vary because of varieties, mainly depends on the molecular structure and density. Applicable scope: product applies to electronics, computer, LCD, instruments, optical, medical equipment, pharmacy, aerospace and nuclear power industries. Method of use: for ease of use of jie, tear sticky mat Angle bearing page tags. Use shall be located in easy tear the MSRP label on the back of the Angle, then, will tear film sticky mat glued to the use of ground step, after prison tote tore up the first layer can use. Note the ground should be dry, level off, muddied shall promptly after the top layer of the tear. Some users think sticky mat viscous bigger is better, actually otherwise. Selection of sticky mat viscosity depends mainly on the applicable environment and sole structure. Generally speaking, the external environment and clean room at the entrance should choose between the high viscidity sticky mat, between adjacent clean room between the buffer is can choose low viscosity sticky mat. Because of the high viscosity, stick关键字2y mat also means that sole stick on the likelihood of incomplete 关键字3glue关键字1关键字2关键字3.