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Product Terms:
Name:anthentic handmade tapestry
Material: 100% NewZealand Wool
Foundation: cotton
Pile: Handwoven flat pile
Kpsi: 100 knots per square inch

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European wall tapestries woven in China France, Belgium and Italy are works of art and treasures for your tapestry home decor.  European tapestry, unicorn wall tapestry, medieval wool tapestry, and a lot more.  European tapestries became very specific from region to region in the sense that depending on what part of Europe you came from would dictate the style of tapestry that you produced.  European Tapestries of Firenze, The art scene in Italy is one of the most popular in the world. Custom European wall tapestries weaver can assist everyone find the dimensions, color selection, shape, subject along with cost just simply right.  European Tapestries: Adding Elegance and Color to Your Home InteriorsIf you wish to add richness and elegance to your home, include beautiful European tapestry wall hangings in your tapestry wall decor.

antique wall tapestries have been done in many countries including England, France, Holland, and Italy.  Antique tapestry can add warmth, color, and depth to any living space.  Although our main activity is the antique wall tapestry, we also have a great interest for antique Aubussons, Savonneries and all European rugs and textile.  They make a beautiful addition to any room and are extremely valuable and fragile, some antique tapestry wall hangings are considered to be priceless.

Aubusson tapestries are hand woven flat weaves or wall hangings that generally incorporate very detailed designs or pictures.  Aubusson tapestry cover so many schemes such as floral, medieval, pastoral, romance, animals, hunting, castles, tropical, landscapes, garden, crests, religious, William Morris and more.  Aubusson tapestry wall hanging can be found in museums, castles and churches throughout France as well as in most major museums in the United States and Great Britain.  Aubusson wool Tapestries Elegant hand-woven Aubusson woven tapestries with startling clarity and rich in detail.  While using the same weaving method of aubusson rugs, the yarns threads for aubusson tapestries are much, much finer.  Usually Aubusson wall tapestry contain amazingly over 100 colors and some even over 200, which results in an exceptional appearance.

wall tapestries are one type of artistic designs which are made using textiles and woven on it.  Wall tapestry are increasing in popularity with their intricate designs and timeless appeal in the home.  wool tapestries are amongst the most popular decor items for home interior decoration.  Nowadays, the use of woven tapestries for interior decor has become more common and most people prefer them to the other types of  tapestry wall hangings in the house.

Tapestry wall hangings have become a common home decor enhancing the beauty of the walls.  all tapestry strives to supply our customers with the highest quality of Large wall tapestries and wall tapestry hangings. In our wall tapestries collection you will find a wonderful mix of modern and traditional wool tapestries designs: medieval knight and castle wall tapestries, the famous Unicorn and William Morris tapestry series, fine art woven tapestry reproductions, contemporary abstract and ethnic designs,floral tapestry and still life tapestry wall hanging, romantic wall tapestries, retro and modern cityscapes, religious wall tapestry collection, nature and animal wall tapestry paintings.  The tapestry hangings can be used in your homes and office also and adds elegance to it.  All of our tapestry of grace wall hangings are Jacquard-woven from the mills in Europe and include beautiful decorative accessories specially designed to coordinate with our wall tapestry.

If it will be a building, embassy, high-class hotel, dining or even fantastic aged home-nice-home, Custom European Tapestries specialists can assist everyone find the dimensions, color selection, shape, subject along with cost just simply right.

At custom-tapestries.com, You can select your hangings tapestry from our antique and traditional european styles, including floral tapestry,garden tapestry Romance woven tapestry and myths tapestry of grace, Gothic wool tapestry, Renaissance wall tapestry hanging, bayeux wall tapestries.we all are the most well known pemasok of tapestry wall hanging . Our web site offers you with a secure and protected purchasing practical experience, correct from the moment a person enter our own web shop till the time frame you are completed. We concentrate just about all each of our issue to the full satisfaction of our customers. we can also accept you custom designs for wall tapestry,antique wall tapestries ,wool tapestry wall hangings,woven tapestry wall  hanging with your any questions,please contact us.

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Our factroy only do finest Large wall tapestries,wool tapestry,french woven tapestry wall tapestries for your wall tapestry home decor & tapestry wall decor.

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